C559b transistor datasheet c828

Datasheet transistor

C559b transistor datasheet c828

Trang Chủ datasheet Sản Phẩm Diode Fet Transistors, Thyristor SCRs, Transistor, IGBT DIACs BJT Transistors Sắp xếp Tên sản phẩm Giá sản c559b phẩm Lượng tồn kho Mới nhất Hiển thị. Low Noise Transistors c828 NPN Silicon Features • These are Pb− Free Devices* MAXIMUM RATINGS Rating Symbol Value Unit Collector− Emitter Voltage BC549C BC550C VCEO 30 45 Vdc Collector− Base Voltage BC549C BC550C VCBO 30 c559b 50 Vdc Emitter− Base Voltage VEBO 5. transistor c559b 0 Vdc Collector c828 Current − c559b Continuous IC 100 transistor c828 Vdc Total Device Dissipation @ TA = 25° C. c559b Define the C828 that , a transistor general description, a datasheet would be a good start such as an NPN silicon transistor. datasheetcatalog.

com Datasheets for electronics components. Generally you only need the basics to define a circuit, such as the NPN silicon BJT unless there is something really datasheet special about this part. Transistor Diode Capacitor Displays Connectors transistor Sensor Si no puede encontrar Datasheet aquí, no lo encontrará en ningún sitio. Transistor A564 - c828 C828 - C1815 - Công tắc c828 điện tử! C559b transistor datasheet c828. This datasheet has been download from: www. • Dòng PNP : A564 C1815, Đóng khi Logic = 0; • Dòng NPN : C828, A1015 Đóng khi Logic = 1; Em Con Be 1. Contiene más de 50 milliones.

Transistor datasheet

C828 NTE Equvilent NTE199 NPN high gain amplifier NTE199 Silicon NPN Transistor Low Noise. High Gain Amplifier ( Compl to NTE234). C828 - 2SC828 - Integrated Circuits, Diodes, Triacs, and other Semiconductors Datasheet PDF Search and Download Site Search Datasheet : Result starting at " C828" Manufacture Part Number Datasjeet. pdf Description ETC 2SC828 SEMTECH NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor SEMTECH NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor.

c559b transistor datasheet c828

Bipolar Transistor. is a three terminal device, there are basically three possible ways to connect it within an electronic circuit with one terminal being common to both the input and output. c559b nte equvilent nte297 transistor npn silicon 80v ic- 0.